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Pressure Gradient Hose

Pressure Gradient Hoses or otherwise known as Compression Stockings, are medically graded stockings that assist in increase of blood flow throughout the body. 

Compression Stockings are used by compressing the limb, thus, promoting blood flow. This style of compression helps by keeping the level of compression the highest at the ankle and slowly decreases as it goes up the leg.

This type of treatment is usually prescribed by a physician to treat diagnoses such as Thrombosis, Phlebitis, Varicose Veins, and even aftercare following surgical procedures. This can also be helpful when it comes to Venous issues during pregnancy and for staying stationary for long periods of time. 

There are many levels for Compression Stockings. 

  • 15-20mmHg
  • 20-30mmHg
  • 30-40mmHg
  • 40-50mmHg 

Understanding these different levels of compression can be a confusing aspect. Each level of compression is measured in “Millimeters of Mercury” which is a measurement of pressure, which is also used in the measurement of one’s blood pressure. Compression Stockings are made with a special knitting process that helps improve circulation within the compressed area. However, misuse can lead to devastating effects; that is why we recommend speaking to our specialists

Knee Braces

Knee pain, arthritis, and injuries can have a significant effect on your everyday life. This causes many hinderances involving physical work or participating in sports, and sometimes restricting mobility. Drake’s choice offers a full range of services to diagnose and treat knee injuries in hopes to restore your confidence and active lifestyle.

In many cases, you may only need rest or light exercise to help with pain and discomfort. However, if your condition is more complex; physiotherapy or surgery may be required. By seeing a member of our team, we can inform you with our best recommendation.

Early Signs to look out for:

  • Pain surrounding the knee as you move around
  • Swelling, bruising, or both
  • Stiffness or discomfort when bending with your knees
  • Weakness or inability to hold your own weight

Foot & Ankle Braces

Foot and ankle injuries can be common, and include minor to more acute conditions. You may experience these problems through participation in sports, physical activity, or suffering from a long-term condition.

We provide our clients with a full range of services to diagnose and treat foot/ankle pain can have a significant impact on your everyday life and mobility. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort from a foot or ankle injury, we strongly suggest you make an initial appointment with one of our team members as we can assess your condition and determine a suitable treatment.

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevation) is a terminology commonly used to help relieve basic ankle/foot injuries as well as minor discomfort. Drake’s choice offers less-invasive and non-operative treatments such as: pain management, physiotherapy, and if possible corrective footwear.

Signs to look out for:

  • Stiffness or swelling
  • Pain around joints
  • Difficulty walking for long periods
  • Sudden pain (sharp piercing pain in the heel, arch, between toes, etc…)
  • Limited flexibility

Back Braces

Back braces are a preventative measure where it limits unnecessary movements that further damage to the back. This helps align your spine and strengthen your back muscles. Back braces can also help take away stress from vital areas of your back, such as the spine, invertebral discs, and vertebrae.

Causes to Back Pain

Back pain can be linked to many different causes such as:


  • Muscle or Ligament Strains (Repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement can strain back muscles and spinal ligaments. If you’re in poor physical condition, constant strain on your back can cause painful muscle spasms)
  • Bulging or Ruptured Disks (Disks act as cushions between the bones in your spine. The soft material inside a disk can bulge or rupture and press on a nerve)
  • Arthritis (Osteoarthritis can affect the lower back. In some cases, arthritis in the spine can lead to a narrowing of the spine around the spinal cord, a condition called Spinal Stenosis)
  • Osteoporosis (Your spine’s vertebrae can develop painful fractures if your bones become porous and brittle)

How can these injuries be treated?

If you feel that you’re affected by this type of pain/injury, you should begin seeking someone like Drake’s Choice for an initial, thorough consultation and assessment. This will help determine what type of treatment is best for you. Our priority is to obtain a clear diagnosis so that the best treatment options can be offered.

Wrist Braces

Wearing a wrist brace can help heal a variety of wrist injuries, sprains, and strains, they are lightweight and are designed to ensure maximum comfort. They are used to stabilize the wrist, and can be worn immediately after a wrist injury has taken place.

Benefits associated with a wrist brace are:

  • Enables damaged tissues to recover
  • Restricts movements, whilst allowing for free movement of fingers
  • Relieves pain and swelling
  • Prevents wrist flexion or extension
  • Prevents repetitive strain on the wrist muscles

What causes of these injuries

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Numbness in hands
  • De Quervain syndrome (painful condition that affects the tendons in your wrist. It occurs when the 2 tendons around the base of your thumb become swollen)

Elbow Braces

Elbows are common sites for tendonitis, bursitis, and other painful conditions. Many sports are associated with elbow pain (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow), but just about anyone is at risk. Elbow support is especially important if you’ve already experienced elbow pain or injury, or if you’ve had elbow surgery.

What causes these injuries?

  • Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)
  • Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)
  • Elbow Tendonitis
  • Inflamation/Swelling

TENS Machines

TENS Machines work by delivering small electrical impulses through electrodes that have adhesive pads to attach them to a person’s skin. These electrical impulses flood the nervous system, reducing its ability to transmit pain signals to the spinal cord and brain. The same electrical impulses also stimulate the body to product natural pain relievers called endorphins.

Benefits of TENS Therapy

  • Drug Free Natural Pain Relief
  • Produces Endorphins
  • Decreases Pain Signals to the Brain
  • Re-trains your Nerves
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Complete Control over your treatment
  • Little to no side effects
  • Suitable for Chronic and Acute pains