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At Drake’s Choice we provide a large selection of braces, along with other medical devices. We pride ourselves on being able to assist our clients in diagnosing the condition that is causing pain and/or discomfort. Here at Drake’s Choice we will ensure guidance on how to properly wear and care for their products. This will allow our clients the best chance of a speedy recovery. 

Products such as Knee Braces, Back Braces, TENs Machines, and Pressure gradient hoses are just some of the items we offer! 

Our end goal is to help as many people as possible to start living a healthier lifestyle, starting from the feet up. 

At Drake’s Choice, we strongly believe in the importance of building a relationship with our patients while also establishing a strong connection to our community. By keeping a good relationship with our Medical Suppliers, we are able to provide our clients with high quality medical items in an all-in-one stop shop.   

Since the start, our goal has always been to provide a service that improves the lives of many. We strongly believe with our expertise and dedication to our clients that this would be easily achieved. Our stress free atmosphere and zero pressure mindset allows our clients to feel at ease whenever they have questions or inquiries.


During your appointment, Drake’s Choice will discuss any areas of concerns and promptly provide a diagnosis in hopes to better our clients health. 

At any given time, whether that be during an appointment or during the booking process; if there are any areas of concern we will gladly answer them right away. Following the consultation and determining what we can offer our specialist may offer a Brace, Splint, or Pressure Gradient Hose. 

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